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For whom

This platform has been developed specifically for the Graf media industry with the aim to share knowledge about the entire production process from prepress to printing according to the process standard ISO 12647-2:2013.

The most current process standard for the manufacture of printing for digital print, sheets offset and rotation offset.


An important aspect is the implementation of this standard and the monitoring of this. For an objective assessment we use fotospectraalmeters which makes it possible to measure colour and tonal value very accurately. In order to ensure a consistent quality, frequent monitoring is necessary and, by derogation, action will have to be taken to identify the cause of this derogation and to take measures and, if necessary, to make adjustments so that a Predictable result is obtained.

The big advantage of video training

Video training is much more visual and dynamic than books or tutorials. This creates a much more comprehensible knowledge transfer.

As with classroom education, a video training is conducted by an instructor.

The advantage of our online instructions are:

  • Intervene at any time to re-examine a clip if the instruction goes too fast
  • Stop the instruction to make the settings yourself on your own instrument or application
  • Repeat the instructions until you have fully understood the
  • At any time 24/7 available and you can follow the training if it suits you
  • The trainings are automatically updated by us if there are updates or interesting changes

Frequently Asked Questions

A laptop is perfect but it can also be with a notepad, on a fixed computer. It is even possible to watch the videos on your smartphone. A good and stable internet connection is important

No there are only a few instructional videos available for free to give you an idea of the content and quality of the training. For the free training you must first create an account and login. This will make them available to you.

We have developed keys for each module with a number of questions. If you have made these well, you have successfully completed the module!

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