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“e-learning for pro’s only”
  • By gathering more information everybody will benefit. The company will radiate professionalism, it will gif employee’s confidence and work will be more joyful.
  • With these videos you will upgrade your knowledge to a higher level.
  • You will produce better quality and you will have the ability to see and act when problems occur.
  • Fast and reliable. The Techkon SpectroDens tells you all information you want when handled and read correctly.
  • The TECHKON SpectroDens is a rewarded with the InterTech Award winning device.
  • This site was produced in cooperation with Techkon
  • Improve your quality, improve results and reduce your costs
Now what?
  1. Push one of the next buttons below to choose one of the 3 options. (The free module concerns two chapters with one lesson each. These lessons do not contain a test.)
  2. When you have choosen a module press the button “Add to Cart”
  3. Please read carefully to follow the procedure.
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